Inexpensive Geocaching Swag Anyone Can Create!

Introducing Geostamps


Geostamps are cute, collectible items anyone can create at home.


They may look simply like pieces of laminated paper, but there's much more to them than meets the eye.


Geostamps are tough, bendable and water-resistant. They're perfect for Geocaching!


A printer, a laminator and some scissors are everything you need to get started.




Kids Love Geostamps! is Your Hub



At you can generate your genuine geostamps, claim onwership of the new geostamps you find and manage your collection.


You can meet fellow geostampers, trade items and help build a thriving community! has a score system: Geostamps, their design and their creators can be rated. You can watch your own progression too!



Every Geostamp Tells a Story


Every geostamp has a dedicated page at It's editable by the creator, so it's dynamic, evolvable and expandable. Make your geostamps come alive!


Through the geostamp's QR Code or Serial Number, anyone can get access to its page.


Create a geostamp to tell a story, describe a place or a geocache, or simply because you like the subject!